Answers to Frequently Asked Questions relating to the IILG
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  1. Who can join the IILG?

  2. Can you tell me more about IILG?

  3. I am a Member, but am having problems getting into the Members only section (forgot password, etc.)

Who can join the IILG?

Anyone!!!! As long as you have an interest in leathercraft, are serious about learning more, participating in guild activities, and helping anyone that you can, we encourage you to join!

We're not here to pat each other on the backs all day long; we're here to share our knowledge, help those with questions, and advance leatherwork as an art form to the world. If all you're going to do is sit and watch, then maybe the IILG is not for you, but we have absolutely no restriction on skill level. If you just picked up a swivel knife and a hunk of leather yesterday, we still want you to join. As long as you have an interest in leatherwork, no matter your skill level, we want you to join. If you have any other questions, be sure to refer to the Benefits and Application pages. If you can't find the answer, feel free to Contact an Officer directly.

Can you tell me more about IILG?

Printable IILG Brochure

This is a two page (PDF), printable brochure, which gives an overview of the IILG, including contacts, membership application form, etc.

I am a member, but am having problems getting into the members only section (forgot password, etc.)

When your application and dues were received, you were added to the iilg-members mailing list. You should have received a message listing your benefits as a Member, and other important information including the website's password.

When you follow the link to the "Members Only" section of the website, you are asked for your UserID and Password. After entering the correct UserID and Password, you can click "OK" and you will then be allowed access to that section of the website. Note, when you begin a new session with your web browser (i.e. you are re-visiting the website) you may be asked for the UserID and Password again. Some browsers do NOT store this information, so be sure to make note of it for future visits. Internet Explorer, among others, stores the information on the user's computer, and may only require a click of the "OK" link when visiting again.

If, for some reason, you have misplaced or forgotten your UserID and Password information, and cannot get into the Members only section of the website, you can email the IILG Secretary for the information. Be sure to include your name to verify your Membership status. At a minimum, the password is changed annually upon dues renewals and more frequently if needed. We cannot publish the UserID and Passwords on this web page for obvious reasons.

Other Questions???

Send your question to one of the IILG Officers. Please include your Name and Email address (required) with your Question.

Visitors wishing to find information about Leathercrafting may be interested in the IILG Facebook Group.

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