The story of the foundation of the IILG as told by two of the founding members.

Told by Thom Keach:

Two of my favorite things in life are leather crafting and computers. While I'm not basically a joiner some things do excite me enough to really want to get involved. Having had experience with a leather guild when I lived in Southern California I missed the association and felt like it would be fun and extremely interesting to see if we could start a guild over the internet.

After meeting two dedicated Leathercrafters by just searching on the web for the subject "leather" the three of us decided to see if we could interest other in joining with us in our love of this craft. After a few details were worked out a web page was put up and the rest is as they say history. What a great year it has been with many new friends made and a lot of invaluable ideas I have learned to improve my craft.

Thom, our Co-Founder, has been elected into our IILG Hall of Fame.

Told by Bill Boyd:

It was in September 1995. I remember it well because it was the year we had one good day straight in a row. On whatever the date was, three Deceased Bovine Epidermis Mutilators (DBEMs) happened to meet on the desk top which was a part of the internet. Not being able to get on a chat line, numerous reams of paper were devoured in the process of e-mailing back and forth. It just so happened that all three were interested in locating others of their ilk. Various methods of achieving this was considered before someone suggested the possibility of forming a guild of nefarious villains with similar aspirations. This was cussed and discussed until one of the miscreants said "hell, let's do it". This was the day of conception

One of the three had a knowledge of computers so he latched on the title of President. Another was a retired (retarded?) cop and since he also wanted some kind of title and was proficient (as are politicians) in the art of accepting bribes in various forms, he was set up as Secretary/Treasurer. The third member of the plot had no known talents except his astounding ability in disruption of otherwise sound ideas, so he was established in the position of Devil's Advocate and Flunky in Charge of the Argument Department. (DAFCAD)

It being necessary to have at least one officer with some experience in the field of Deceased Bovine Epidermis Mutilations and because of his eminent knowledge of vice in it's many forms, (and being threatened with blackmail), Don Berglund was talked into accepting the office of Vice-President.

Again there were many cussins and discussins on what to call this new and still innocent guild until the name of International Internet Leathercrafters' Guild was settled on. Even this organization has it's politicians and being true to form they wanted to get their hands in the pockets of honest people so it was decided that they would accomplish this by charging dues.

A constitution and by-laws that could only be interpreted by a Philadelphia lawyer was drawn up and agreed on and so on the first day of February 1996 the bastard (being of uncertain parentage) was born.

Bill, our Co-Founder, has been elected into our IILG Hall of Fame.

Sadly, we lost one of our founders, Bill Boyd, but he will not be forgotten! We honor Bill in our IILG Memorial with other lost Members and esteemed Leathercrafters.

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