Guild Member Benefits

This page is to help answer the frequently asked question, "Why should I be a member of the IILG?" If you have any other questions concerning the IILG, please go to the Contacts page for the appropriate person to ask.

As a member of the

you can benefit in many valuable ways

    You will...

  • ...have access to the Members only section of the website, which includes contests, photo galleries, patterns, IILG Library, the Leathercrafter's Knowledge Base (LKB) and more!

  • ...have a voice in how the guild conducts its business and what direction it will take in certain matters.

  • ...have access to IILG grants to help fund demonstrations or classes you give.

  • ...be able join in official meetings.

  • ...have access to show information, pictures and reports from those who attended.

  • ...be eligible to compete in the International Federation of Leather Guilds' show each year, since we are a member guild.

  • ...receive an embroidered patch and lapel pin with our logo on them FREE.

  • ...be able to subscribe to our members only discussion group, hear from and write to all of us with hints, tips, suggestions, etc.

  • ...have access to certain discounts from various suppliers.

  • If you want to join the guild, go to our application page and print out the appropriate application, fill it in and send it to the Treasurer with the required fees. 

  • Is there a catch? - No catch . . . really.

  • All we ask in return is that you care enough about our guild to participate in any way that you can. Whether that means answering a request for help every once in a while, or running for an office during an election year. Participation is all we ask.

    There are many ways a member can participate in the functioning and well being of the guild...

  • Come to our official meetings.

    • Answer email requests for help or information! Even beginners have something to offer, if only a fresh way of looking at a problem. We all benefit from sharing knowledge. The only stupid question (or answer) is the one not said.

    • Vote! We often make decisions via e-mail or at meetings. If you have an opinion or idea about something, let an officer know about it so that your "vote" can be taken into consideration.

    • Be courteous. Don't waste people's time and energy replying to an e-mail with criticism and petty bickering. If you have something constructive to say, say it, but we don't need our mailboxes full of arguments between a few members over something trivial.

    • Know your guild. Get to know some of the people and faces, but also the web site. This web site is your main benefit. If you need information about the guild or your benefits, all you have to do is start on our site! If you can't find it after looking on the site, then just ask one of our officers. Keep in mind that a lot of common questions have already been asked, and have an answer that can be found on the IILG web site somewhere.

    • Share your work. We enjoy receiving leather-related photos and patterns. You can contribute photos of some of your work, or even a pattern that someone is looking for or that is unique.

Spread the word! Tell others about our guild. Even if they don't join, they can benefit from the public part of our web site. And if they do decide to join, they'll become part of a wonderful group of people whose goal is to share and teach the working of leather in its many forms.

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