IILG Code of Conduct

Use of the IILG lists/forums/galleries constitutes acceptance and agreement to the IILG Code of Conduct (COC) and list/forum/gallery user Agreement. If you violate the Code of Conduct or User Agreement, we reserve the right to terminate all accounts belonging to you without prior notice. We prefer to advise users of inappropriate behavior, however, flagrant and repeated violations of our COC will result in an immediate ban. Our failure to enforce this policy, for whatever reason, shall not be construed as a waiver of our right to do so at any time.

We created the Code of Conduct to provide a basic understanding of what's allowed and not allowed on the lists/forums/galleries. The following are guidelines for the establishment and enforcement of our COC:

  • Ensure a friendly atmosphere to our visitors and list/forum/gallery members
  • Ensure the privacy of our members and that of others
  • Comply with existing laws
  • Encourage responsible use of our lists/forums/galleries and discourage activities which disrupt our community and reduce the value of our services to our members
  • Encourage the exchange of information in a mature and responsible manner

While we believe in the principles of free speech, certain activities may be damaging or disruptive to both the IILG and our Members and cannot be permitted under the guise of free speech.

As a Member of our Guild, you must participate responsibly. If you have any questions regarding our COC, please contact any of our list/forum/gallery moderators by email.

Violations of the Code of Conduct

The following constitutes violations of our Code of Conduct.


Spam includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Excessive off-topic threads
  • Excessive "me too" messages
  • Posting nonsensical messages
  • Blatant advertising or promotion of sites with similar content
  • Messages without content
  • Fraudulent activity (Pyramid schemes, chain letters, etc.)
  • Birthday wishes
  • Prayer requests
  • Well-wishing
  • The moderators will be the final authority on what constitutes spam on the IILG lists


Please note that our lists/forums/galleries are not the place to advertise your own site or forums or sites with similar content to ours.

Any list member who seems to have joined one of our lists/forums/galleries or is making posts solely to promote another site will be permanently banned.


You may not use profanity. What constitutes profanity will be at the discretion of the moderators.


We have no tolerance for personal attacks, flamers, trolls, or members that seem bent on disrupting the Guild and or its Members.

Anyone who is determined to be harassing Members, Board Members or intentionally disrupting the Guild and/or Members will be banned.

Derogatory Terms

Please note that words carry different meanings in different cultures, and that while a word may be acceptable use in one part of the world, it may not be in another. In addition, any one can invent his/her own derogatory terms. Because of those factors, the list moderators will evaluate the context in which the term was used to determine whether a violation has occurred.

Porn/Sexually Offensive Materials

You may not post or link to pornography or sexually offensive materials. If you are unsure whether what you wish to post may be in violation of this rule, don't post it. Or please consult a moderator first before posting.

Illegal Use

You may not use our lists/forums/galleries for illegal purposes, in support of illegal activities, or encourage conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, as determined by the laws of the United States of America. Such activities will guarantee a ban. We reserve the right to cooperate with legal authorities and/or injured third parties in the investigation of any suspected crime or civil wrongdoing.


  • You may not post any form of real life information of a user unless the user has first permitted it by express consent. Examples of real life information include name, address, IP addresses, and phone numbers.
  • You may not distribute any form of real life information, email address, private email messages, and instant messenger messages ("chat logs") with intent to harass or in any demeaning manner as determined by a moderator, regardless of consent.
  • You may not disclose a user's unpublicized email address unless the user has first permitted it, either by actual consent or previously releasing said information.

Official Language

English is the official language of our lists/forums/galleries because it is the common language between our moderators and users. Because we cannot moderate conversations in a foreign language, you may not hold a conversation in the lists/forums/galleries in language other than English.

Email Addresses

  • You may not harvest email addresses from our lists/forums/galleries for any purpose.
  • You are required to keep your lists/forums/galleries account's email address up-to-date.

Moderation and Bans

  • You may not publicly complain about or demand a reason for another user's ban or moderation, the deletion of a message, or the deletion/closure of a thread. Any discussion about warnings, bans, message deletion, thread deletion and thread closure or moderation, should be done over private email between the person concerned and the moderators
  • You may not re-edit a message that has been edited by a moderator
  • You may not post a message on behalf of a banned or moderated member.
  • Any person who willfully ignores the board and/or moderators' decisions, and willfully defies the rules set forth in the COC and/or Bylaws will be subject to immediate expulsion from the Guild and all IILG lists.


  • You may not bait/troll users. Bait/Trolling is defined as posting with a clear intent to provoke anger, incendiary posts, and behavior that result in other users violating the COC. If you do the post will be deleted and you will be subject to the Suspension or Expulsion rules within this COC.
  • You may not bait, insult, flame, or otherwise abuse a board member. If you do, the post will be deleted and you will be subject to the Suspension or Expulsion rules within this COC.
  • You may not post in a manner that is harmful to the IILG. For example, "IILG lists suck. Go here!" or posting confidential IILG documents. If you do, the post will be deleted and you will be subject to the Suspension or Expulsion rules within this COC.
  • You may not register multiple accounts with intent to violate any part of this COC. If you do all accounts will be deleted and you will be banned.

Questionable Actions and Content

IMPORTANT NOTE: Contrary to popular beliefs, the COC isn't designed to cover everything. We may act - issue a warning, moderate your posts, suspend your email privileges or ban you from the IILG - if, in our judgment, you undertake any conduct that is deemed:

  • Counterproductive to the IILG community.
  • Discrediting to our Members and/or the IILG.
  • Any behavior that could be considered damaging to the reputation of the IILG and/or its Members.

Suspension or Expulsion

A.    The Secretary shall send a private warning when an infraction of the Code of Conduct is committed.

B.    If this warning is not heeded, the Secretary will inform the Member via private email that he/she will be moderated for thirty (30) days. The Member will be able to read the lists' and/or forums' posts but not be allowed to post directly to the lists and/or forums.

C.   If the Member refuses to abide by the moderation, then he/she will be banned from posting and reading the lists' and/or forums' messages for three (3) months.

D.   If all efforts fail, the Member will be expelled from the IILG for life.

Any Member who willfully disregards the rules, Bylaws, or Board directives shall be subject to removal from the Guild at the Board's discretion.

IILG Copyright

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