IILG Application and Dues

Below you will find the information you need to apply to become a Member of the IILG. For even more, please read the MEMBER BENEFITS page about how the IILG can benefit you and how you can benefit the IILG. Please read ALL the information below before filling out your application.

As a New Member, you will receive for FREE one (1) IILG Embroidered Patch & one (1) IILG Lapel Pin. Additional patches & pins are available for purchase. Please see below.

    • Application Form [Online Form: fill in & submit]
      The submitted form is automatically sent to the IILG Treasurer; therefore, this is the preferred method. You may choose to pay via PayPal, Check, or Money Order as noted below.

      or Choose an Application Form format to download, fill in, and print.
      » Application Form [MS Word document]
      If using this version, for easier reading, it is preferable to open the application form in a text editor (MS Word, WordPerfect, Notepad, SimpleText, OpenOffice, etc.), type the answers in the appropriate blanks, print, & mail - or - copy & paste into an email message to IILG Treasurer.
      » Application Form [plain text document]
      Copy, paste into an email message, fill in, & email to IILG Treasurer.
      » Application Form [PDF document]
      Print, fill in blanks, mail to IILG Treasurer
      » Application Form [web document]
      Print, fill in blanks, mail to IILG Treasurer - or - copy, paste into an email message, fill in, & email to IILG Treasurer.

Note: It is imperative that all information entered is correct and legible, especially your e-mail address. The IILG will not be responsible for keeping track of members with old or incorrect addresses, e-mail and/or postal. You are responsible for updating that information with us.

Membership Dues

There is a one-time New Member initiation fee* of $10 in addition to the first year's dues. Applications will NOT be processed, if this fee is not included! Therefore, New Members will pay $10 initiation fee* PLUS the $10 dues PLUS any monies for additional patches or pins.

    • Annual Membership Dues: $10.00
    • New Membership Initiation Fee*: $10.00

Dues are non-refundable and payable in US Dollars only.

Membership dues are paid annually, with the membership period beginning on February 1 and ending on January 31 of the following calendar year.

Rejoining Members may rejoin at the yearly rate and will be exempt from an additional initiation/rejoining fee.

*The initiation fee is a one-time-only fee.

Additional Patches or Pins Pricing:
If you wish to purchase additional patches or pins, enter the number of each you are ordering on your application (in the space provided) and include the additional amount with your application as follows:
    • Each Additional Embroidered Patch: $5.00
    • Each Additional Pin: $3.00

IILG Membership (new, renew, etc.)

Please complete the application (if printing, include with payment), send to the Treasurer (address below) a check or money order for the appropriate amount, made payable to "International Internet Leathercrafters' Guild", or "IILG". If you have questions, contact the IILG Treasurer, treasurer@iilg.net

Pat Hay
IILG Treasurer
PO Box 98
Cary, MS 39054

For your convenience we accept PayPal, payable to "treasurer@iilg.net",
just click the "Add to Cart" button above.

IILG Copyright

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